Welcome to Growing In Devotion. My name is Rory Brannum and I created this website to encourage Christians to establish and maintain a daily habit of reading the Bible and praying.

My motivation

I have discovered a few simple and transferable keys to success in my daily devotions. I offer them to you in hopes that you will experience the joy of regularly meeting with God.

Many Christians that I’ve met approach their devotional lives expecting to fail.

They cringe at the thought of checklists and accountability, primarily because they smell of legalism. I’m also opposed to legalistic motivations for spending time with God. When we’re in love with someone, shouldn’t we want to be together?

I believe that a lack of desire to meet with God is an intimacy problem, not a discipline problem. And yet we usually try to solve it by applying more discipline. While discipline is good, without intimacy it won’t affect any lasting change in our daily devotions. And we won’t develop intimacy with God if we don’t have much of a personal devotional life. There is a solution.

Join me as I share the simple keys that God has used in my life to transform my quiet times.

Is this just another daily devotional blog?

Many excellent blogs and books that deal with the quiet time are really just daily devotionals. They offer pre-prepared spiritual meals that can if we’re not diligent, take the place of personal Bible reading and prayer. While these are helpful supplements, I have chosen to emphasize our need to daily discover God’s truth for ourselves. Through this website, I will provide practical tools and encouragement to you in developing intimacy and consistency in your daily quiet times.

Please let know if any of the articles or tools found here help you to grow in your relationship with God.