My Journey: Getting Personal with God

I have chosen to seek God every day. But that’s not how my story began.

For much of my Christian life I was inconsistent in my daily quiet times. I had seasons of success. But there were many gaps. And some of the gaps were long.

Was I a stealth Christian during those years? No. I shared my faith. I served in a campus ministry. I even spent a few years on the mission field. I needed a close walk with God. I just didn’t have one.

Was I unaware of my need? No. As a new believer, I learned that it was important to read the Bible and pray every day. But as time went on, church activities became a substitute for intimacy with Christ. I met a few people who walked closely with God. But that was not my experience or even the experience of most of my friends. It seemed that the daily quiet time, or the lack of one, was just as likely to produce feelings of guilt in Christians as spiritual growth. Something was wrong. Continue reading “My Journey: Getting Personal with God”