Dealing With Discouragement In Your Daily Devotions

Sometimes the pressure to be perfect at a task works against us. Our daily devotions are no different. We want to please God in the way that we spend time with Him. And since our efforts often fall short of our expectations, we can easily get discouraged. But take heart. It’s okay if your daily devotions are less than perfect. God still loves you. He still extends His grace and mercy to you. And the desire you feel in your heart to spend time with God is a reminder that His Spirit is at work within you.

If you’re feeling distant from God to the extent that you struggle to read the Bible or pray, here are 3 suggestions: Continue reading “Dealing With Discouragement In Your Daily Devotions”

Planning for Flexibility in Your Daily Devotions

If you want consistency in your daily devotions, it’s helpful to have a plan. And to keep from becoming discouraged, you should plan on being flexible.

You don’t have to script out every detail. But if you wake up in a different world every day, you’re increasing the likelihood that distractions will throw you off course. And if you’re too rigid, you’ll miss the pleasant surprises that often accompany the unexpected.

I learned the value of both many years ago during an impromptu weekend getaway. Continue reading “Planning for Flexibility in Your Daily Devotions”

Have You Made This Critical Quiet Time Decision?

Consistency in the devotional life is all about the present. It’s the humble acknowledgment that our Creator must be central in our lives today.

It’s not that we need God’s help; it’s that we are completely helpless without God.

If we truly believe this, then we must make a decision: Will we seek Him today, or will we let other people and circumstances set our priorities? Continue reading “Have You Made This Critical Quiet Time Decision?”

7 Prayer Requests That Will Instantly Improve Your Daily Quiet Time

The most important discovery I ever made about the daily quiet time is that God provides a wealth of instant help. By “instant,” I mean – always available, whenever we want it, whenever we ask. As we read the Bible, we have the awesome privilege of asking God to make it come alive in our hearts.

There is a difference between casually reading the Bible during our quiet times and a more intensive Bible study. The focus of this article and this website is the daily quiet time. The suggestions below are not intended to take the place of digging deeper and applying good principles of interpretation. And I strongly believe in surrounding ourselves with good Bible teachers and scholarly resources. But no matter when we approach the Scriptures, we should develop the habit of asking for God’s help, as is modeled in Psalm 119.

If you want to get the most from your daily Bible reading, consider adding some, or all, of the following 7 prayer requests to your quiet time. Continue reading “7 Prayer Requests That Will Instantly Improve Your Daily Quiet Time”

How to Have a Quiet Time in 2 Easy Steps

If you’ve been inconsistent in meeting with God, could it be that you’ve added some unnecessary “requirements” to your daily quiet time? It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Unfortunately,  it’s even easier to not begin at all.

I find it helpful to break a quiet time into two steps. First, listen to God. Second, respond to God. Continue reading “How to Have a Quiet Time in 2 Easy Steps”

My Journey: Getting Personal with God

I have chosen to seek God every day. But that’s not how my story began.

For much of my Christian life I was inconsistent in my daily quiet times. I had seasons of success. But there were many gaps. And some of the gaps were long.

Was I a stealth Christian during those years? No. I shared my faith. I served in a campus ministry. I even spent a few years on the mission field. I needed a close walk with God. I just didn’t have one.

Was I unaware of my need? No. As a new believer, I learned that it was important to read the Bible and pray every day. But as time went on, church activities became a substitute for intimacy with Christ. I met a few people who walked closely with God. But that was not my experience or even the experience of most of my friends. It seemed that the daily quiet time, or the lack of one, was just as likely to produce feelings of guilt in Christians as spiritual growth. Something was wrong. Continue reading “My Journey: Getting Personal with God”